About Us

Tovbot was formed in 2012 by a group of robot researchers and entrepreneurs hailing from Georgia Tech, IDC in Israel, and MIT Media Lab. Our goal is to foster a new paradigm of personal robots - robots that don't just clean your floors or your pool, but also interact with you on a personal, almost human level. 

Our strategy is to combine exciting trends in technology – cloud computing, omnipresent networks, advanced smartphones – with our own hard-earned robotics knowhow to deliver the most advanced and compelling personal robotics products the world has ever seen.

For more information on our plans, email info@tovbot.com.

Past Work

Before Shimi, there was Shimi’s larger cousin, Shimon. Shimon is a marimba-playing robot capable of jazz improvisation with human musicians. He has toured all over the world, including performances at the World Economic Forum in Davos. He even took time to give back to Georgia Tech, his alma mater:

Shimon was developed by Gil, Guy, and Rob, and the Tovbot team has packaged the same great technology into Shimi, Shimon's little cousin.

Founding Team

Our founder teams are based in Atlanta, GA (core product development), Portland, OR (advanced robotics R&D), and Herzliya, Israel (product conceptualizing, industrial design, artificial intelligence, and software development). Our founders are scientists and serial entrepreneurs:

Gil Weinberg, PhD

Gil’s research focuses on robotic musicianship, artificial intelligence and musical networks. His interactive musical products have been presented in museums such as the Smithsonian and Boston Children’s Museum. Gil's most recent startup, ZooZ Mobile, markets an innovative set of musical applications for the iPhone that allow novices to create music in highly expressive and intuitive ways. ZooZ Mobile’s most successful application, ZOOZbeat, reached #7 in the Apple App Store. Gil is Tovbot's technology thought-leader.

Guy Hoffman, PhD

Before joining Tovbot, Guy was a research fellow at Gerogia Tech and MIT Media lab. Guy’s research deals with human-machine and human-robot interaction, and he has generated a wealth of research into the relationships between technology, design, communication, and data at the MIT Media lab and the IDC in Herzliya, Israel. Guy provides the spark that sets Tovbot robots apart from all others - a lifelike quality that enhances the interactions between humans and robots. Guy leads software and artificial intelligence development for Tovbot.

Ian Campbell, MBA/MSAE

Ian Campbell is a serial entrepreneur, business strategist, technologist, and product development expert who has brought dozens of successful electronics products to market for clients around the world. Ian is responsible for taking the amazing technology that powers Shimon and other research robots and repackaging it into consumer robot products like Shimi that people everywhere can enjoy in their own homes.

Roberto Aimi, PhD

Rob is an award-winning robot designer and specializing integrating cutting-edge robotics technology into market ready applications. Prior to joining Tovbot, Rob focused his work on robots for human interaction.  Rob was responsible for the design and construction of Intel Labs' Gambit chess playing robot (winner of the 2010 AAAI Robot Chess Competition). Rob also collaborated with Gil and Guy on the mechanical design of Shimon, the marimba-playing, jazz-improvising robot.