About Shimi

Introducing Shimi: A Robot That Digs Music (as much as you)

Shimi is a robotic musical companion. He’s like your personal DJ, the guy that knows how to keep a party going and always knows what you want to hear next.

Plug a smartphone into Shimi’s smartphone dock and he instantly comes to life, making every song in your library a live performance. Shimi’s premium speakers reproduce your tunes in booming, crystal clear hi-def, and Shimi follows you to make sure you’re always getting the best sound.

When he’s not listening to music, Shimi makes sure your fully immersed in your online social life, even when you’re not in front of your PC. He’ll alert you when you get a Facebook post, do a shimmy when you get a new Twitter follower, and broadcast your dance parties to your remote friends around the world.

Shimi not only loves to listen to music, he also loves to create music. He’s even got the patience to teach you guitar! Play dance games online with your friends, and even teach Shimi a few new moves.

Whatever you’re in to, Shimi makes sure you get the most out of your music.

Expected Shimi launch date: 2013 Consumer Electronics Show – see you there!