Tovbot to Unveil "Robot Band" at Google I/O After Party

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Atlanta GA

Tovbot, an Atlanta based personal robotics startup, announced today that it has been invited to demonstrate a few of the company’s latest personal robot prototypes at the Google I/O After Party June 27th at San Francisco's Moscone Center.

Each prototype robot, called “Shimi” (pronounced like the “Shimmy” dance move), is a “Robotic Musical Companion” powered by an Android smartphone. The Shimi robots love to listen to music, dance along with the beat, and even create new, unique musical compositions. Each Shimi also has the ability to react to humans, using advanced Android-based facial and speech recognition algorithms, giving the little robots a human like quality.

“We’ve packed a lot of exciting robotics technology into Shimi,” says Gil Weinberg, cofounder and CEO of Tovbot. “Shimi is actually the product of nearly a decade of musical robotics research. We’re very excited about the opportunity to show the Google developer community what we’ve put together using the Android platform”.

Tovbot plans to commercialize Shimi into combination robot/speaker dock systems. The company expects consumer versions of the robot to be available early next year. Shimi was developed by Tovbot founders at Georgia Tech and the IDC in Herzliya, Israel.

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